Technology Suite

An Integrated System
of Trusted Providers

Our relationships with proven technology and custodial partners create the foundation of a commitment that ensures your clients stay where they belong—at the top of your priority list.

Navigating the complex and varied technology solutions and performing due diligence on each can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor for any advisory firm, so we’ve done the research and due diligence for you.

Through our technology partners, you gain access to a complete, end-to-end, and integrated experience that includes the industry’s most innovative solutions.

From first contact to the ongoing meetings that re-establish your relationship, our trusted partners provide the tools you need to strengthen every interaction you have with your clients.

Every Piece of the Technology Puzzle.
Already Complete.

  • Applications and integrations in one place
  • Manage client communications
  • Access custodians, compliance and planning software
  • Highly customizable by Advisor
  • Client by client portfolio analysis at Advisor’s fingertips

  • Web-based platform with customization down to the individual client level
  • Secure document storage for all financial, legal, and investor documents
  • Clarity of performance from portfolio down to individual holdings
  • Daily reconciliation, account activity and updated performance

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly client performance reporting
  • Report customization down to the client level
  • Thousands of reports and modules available
    • Activity summary
    • Performance summary
    • Asset allocation
    • YTD Realized profit / (loss)
    • YTD Unrealized profit / (loss)
    • Manager Performance

  • Investment and risk objective
  • Reference portfolio review and analysis
  • Proposed portfolios with commentary
  • Hypothetical back testing of portfolio performance

  • Portfolio comparison of current vs. proposed
  • Portfolio performance in a variety of pre-designed scenarios

  • Complete book-wide transparency
  • Enterprise, advisor, and account level clarity
  • Variety of business insights:
    • AUM over time
    • Growth and attrition factors
    • New account dashboard
    • Performance metrics
    • Billing and revenue reporting
    • Advisory fee comparison
    • Training modules

  • Professional, client-ready research reports
  • Manager snapshots include historical performance, risk metrics, and style/diversification breakdowns
  • Coverage includes equities, separate accounts, hedge funds and ETFs

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